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  1. Hi, wow, my name/wed address aleady here. I can only say that the above articles are superbly written and add my own confirmation based on 50+ years of experience and 8 yrs of high quality education in biology/chemistry/math. There is NO reliable evidence that any vaccine is of any value, while there is ample reason to doubt it. On the contrary and despite Uncle Scam and his medical fedfellows and their so-called research, there is NO question that they are severely damaging EVEN to those who are not aware that they have been damaged – yet. For others, the damage is all too apparent. It may mean lifelong disability and physical and mental agony beyond comprehension, and it isn’t only the vaccines: the same things can happen from metal “amalgams” and from poisons that are being introduced into the food and water supply. These are the facts…

  2. Great! I love this site.

  3. Excellent post, added to favorites!!

  4. My novel White Lies is a book club favorite and brings lots of parents who are asking about vaccines or have their own stories to tell. Dr. Miller and other pediatricians/medical providers like Cave and Mitchell are encouraging parents to consider a slower schedule and an investigation before vaccination into predisposition for injury. Beyond the medical deceptions, the government’s changes in the administration of the fund and compliance methods have not been dealt with in the media and need to be. Thanks for encouraging education and asking questions.

  5. I Agree

    At least give children a fighting chance, instead of attacking the only real protection they have at birth.

  6. In England they do not vaccinate babies until they are at least 2 years old and their immune systems are stronger. I think that is a very good idea.

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