Herd Immunity Illusion II

Points to Ponder:


If you believe an unvaccinated child is a danger to yours, then so are your parents, grandparents, older aunts and uncles and society in general. Why? Because what is being vaccinated  for now, wasn’t then, so they are not part of the ‘herd immunity’ either. Besides, the chances that they get boosters are low, and even if they did, how do they know they are really ’protected’, as not all vaccines will produce immunity in all people.


If you believe vaccines work to protect yours, then your vaccinated children in reality are a larger risk to them.  How? All of the live virus vaccines shed. Meaning if your child receives the MMR vaccine, and individuals who has never had Measles, Mumps or Rubella interacts with your child, they can get ‘catch’ one or all of the components in the vaccine as vaccine-induced vs. the wild strain. (Vaccine-induced and wild strains can look different on the body, such as chicken-pox, and it’s a tell-tale sign which a child has on examination). 


A vaccinated child will also have to get boosters for life for a small percentage or chance that they will never get the actual disease or only a ‘mild’ case. An unvaccinated child can get the disease naturally and have 100% immunity, in most cases, for life and be done with it. 


Viruses are smarter than we are. They mutate and become resistant. What we’re currently vaccinating for may not even be what is out there and what we’re being exposed to. 


Not all countries vaccinate for the same things, or in the same dosages. Not all USA states require the same number of doses for school entry either. If herd immunity was real, wouldn’t the whole world vaccinate in unison? Wouldn’t US states be in unison?


The epidemiological implications due to vaccinations coming soon…


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