If your child were to receive IPV, MMR, and Hepatitis B vaccines all on the same day, how many vaccines would they be receiving? Would you say 3 or perhaps 5? If you said 7, you would be correct! Ipv is made up of three strains, while MMR is Measles, Mumps, and Rubella, and then Hepatitis B.


     Now, let’s try another. If your child were to receive Gardasil, Boostrix, and Prevnar vaccines on the same day, how many vaccines would they receive? Would it be 3, 8, or perhaps 14? If you said 14 you would be correct! Gardasil contains 4 strains of HPV, Boostrix is three vaccines for diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus, and Prevnar contains seven strains.


     Now look at the difference in vaccine names between the first and the second paragraph. The vaccines of the ‘old days’, we all know them…IPV, OPV, MMR, Hepatitis B, DTP, etc. The new vaccines of today have names such as Gardasil, Boostrix, or Prevnar. There is a reason for this.


    As more multiple vaccines are made and more vaccines added to the recommended schedule put out by the CDC, we have and will start seeing more ‘whimsical’ names applied to them. It’s a strategic marketing ploy to make you think you are only getting one or two vaccines in one day when the reality is, you may be getting 6, 10, 14 or more!


      The names are thoughtfully planned out as well. Take Boostrix for instance. It’s a Tdap vaccine for older children vs. DTaP for infants. Saying Boostrix might make the parent believe it’s super charged! for protection, and for children, it might take the fear away and be a soothing word to them. What does Rotateq make you think of? I don’t know about you, but it makes me think of ‘Roto Rooter’ which symbolizes a problem with the plumbing of course! (The vaccine includes 5 strains of Rotavirus in case you didn’t know) Why not call Prevnar simply PCV7 or Pneumococcal, since that is what it is! The name Prevnar can denote ‘prevention’ in the minds of parents. (with such a low efficacy rate does it really prevent?)


      Ah yes, there is rhyme and reason to the vaccine names today make no mistake about it! Coming soon…more on marketing ploys and how they hoodwink and further deceive you.


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