19 Year Old Sues His Own Parents For Vaccine Damage Leading To His Autism

A 19 year old boy is suing his parents for contributing to his Autism. The boy’s name has been kept confidential pending the outcome of the trial and a gag order has been put on everyone related to this court hearing, including the judge. We will refer to the boy as John Doe.
John filed suit on his parents for vaccinating him as a youth. John received the CDC recommended schedule of 62 doses of 17 different vaccinations before the age of 5 years old. He alleges his parents directly caused his illness by not practicing informed consent when they had him injected with multiple viruses, sometimes up to 10 shots at one time, in this landmark case.
The pharmaceutical companies who manufacture the vaccines are protected under the government laws as are the doctors from any liability relating to vaccine injury. The National Injury Compensation Program is now rejecting all cases of Autism although there are confirmed studies linking Autism to vaccinations. There isn’t enough money to pay all the victims. We will see more and more children left with no choice but to sue their parents for vaccine damage.
Okay, this story is fictional but doesn’t it make you think? What will our world be like in 20 more years when more and more children become autistic, ill and sick with autoimmune disorders? Will they end up having to sue their own parents because there is no other recourse? I mean, it’s the parents obligation to make informed decisions on the safety of vaccines. The parents who don’t make informed decisions regarding their children’s health should be held responsible. This includes researching vaccines and making sure they are safe enough to be injected in to their children in the first place.
We, as parents, need to stand up and say enough is enough. We should have the right to reject these vaccinations because we don’t feel they are safe! Do people not see we are slowly losing our freedoms for the so called greater good? Please google gunpoint medicine and see how many parents (and people in general) are being threatened with jail time and arrested, then FORCED to undergo medical treatments they object to. Don’t let this happend with vaccines. Don’t let us lose what exemptions we do have! We need a philosophical exemption in every single state for those who can’t morally claim a religious exemption. We need to protect the homeschooled (scape goats) rights to avoid being forced to inject vaccines not proven to work and full of neurotoxins, aborted fetal tissues, and animal DNA, especially in those states with only a medical exemption.
We are allowing our government to make our children sick and KILL THEM with these vaccines. Those who allow their children to be injected with vaccines and never research or question the safety will only have themselves to blame. I apologize if the truth hurts.
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  1. I agree with everything that you have said. I vaccinated my first son and he is the one with LD and ADHD inattentive types. My last three children were not vaccinated and have no LD problems. I basically told my peds doctor that I will vaccinate my children when she is will to drink a glass of water with the chemicals that are laced in vaccines!!!
    It is incredible how difficult it is to convince people how damaging they are. I wish that I was a lawyer or lawmaker in order to help. Maybe we should all go med school, lawschool and or run for government to really make a radical changes.

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