Chickenpox Parties

Tell me again what’s so wrong about chickenpox parties? 

Well if you read this…apparently plenty. But I still don’t agree.

Before a vaccine was recommended for all children, it was considered a  beneficial and benign disease. After the vaccine was recommended for all children, it was suddenly a serious and deathly disease. Funny how that works!

I had Chickenpox as a child. I was 6 years old and had it at the same time as my 3 siblings. I remember my Mom was thrilled we all had it at once to ‘get it over with.’

Two of my older children had chickenpox before a vaccine was ever recommended. They were exposed through a school-age child I was babysitting. I too was thrilled! They would have chickenpox before the start of school and be done with it. Several of my neighbors, along with other daycare children, came over to expose their children-we had a pox party!

Now I won’t say chickenpox is exactly fun. The kids had a pretty good case and were cranky, whiny, sickly, itchy and they looked like hell…everything you would expect them to be when they don’t ‘feel good’. But it wasn’t horrible either. My daughter would say it was but only because she’s a girl, and had them in private places, and well let’s face it, that’s not a place you want to have a constant itch:( The first 3-4 days were the hardest and then it got better from there.  For me, I got natural boosting, and more importantly them, a week of sickness sure outweighed a vaccine any day. We simply didn’t have to worry about it any was done and over with, unlike the vaccine. Unfortunately, I still have two younger school-age kids who haven’t gotten it…yet. Now that school is back in session, and other children are out getting their vaccine that sheds( for 6 weeks) to others, I’m confident it’ll knock on our doorstep soon!


By the way-We did the usual treatments minus today’s repetitive Tylenol use which is given for everything that ails you. Speaking of which, the only children who had more severe problems getting over it that were exposed when my children were, were given Tylenol repeatedly and other drugs. Their Mother was a nurse to boot.

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  1. My 2yr old and my 5 month old both have it. Was looking for blogs with other pox’ers, glad I found yours :)

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