To Vaccinate or Not…

Questions to think about when looking at the vaccine issue: 
1) What is your decision to be based on?  The science or guided by your own fears? Pressure of health professional, or your own gut feeling? Faith? 
2) What is your personal parenting philosophy? 

3) Do you know how to treat the diseases we have vaccines for, whether you decide to vaccinate or not? 
4) If something goes wrong such as complications, side effects, or even death, whether you vaccinate or not, do you have a faith or support system which will see you through the crisis?

5) How are you going to achieve daily good health?  

6) Do you have convictions that will not be compromised no matter what pressures and arguments are thrown your way?  

7) Once you make your decision, are you prepared to accept responsibility for it? 

8)  If you are unwilling to make a well-informed decision, then you have to allow someone else to make it for you. If you allow your responsibility to be made by another person, are you prepared to accept the outcomes without blame?


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