What will Ultimately Guide Your Decision

Your decision will ultimately be driven by fear or become one of conviction based on your philosophy, which fear will have no part.

     Fear and the Vaccine Decision:

  • Fear of a reaction to a vaccine will outweigh the fear of the disease(s).
  • Fear of the disease(s) outweigh the fear of a vaccine reaction.
  • Fear and selective vaccinators-they won’t fear the disease(s) they vaccinated for, but may obsess over the disease(s) they didn’t vaccinate for.
  • Fear and Risk Figures-it won’t be the actual overall figure that steers your decision, but whether you think your child will be that one child. Example: the 1/1000 figure whether it be a disease or a reaction.

     Fear is the biggest emotion in connection with the vaccine issue. That is why your fear must be addressed before making a decision. Things to think about:

  • Vaccine trials do not represent everyone. Statistical norms bear no relationship to individual risks because that is unique to every person.
  • No vaccine information, not even package inserts, disclose all information. Some information is considered ‘trade secrets’, or are sealed documents.
  • Even if your child is immunologically more at risk of a disease, those same factors may make them more at risk from the vaccine.
  • Medical literature and the pharma industry will slant their material based on the emotion of fear. The big message will always be: Immunization saves you or death is on the other side. They have and always will, take a disease and focus on the worst symptoms. They will leave out key facts so you don’t see the lies nor the truth.
  • Medical literature and the pharma industry will make the benefits of vaccines sound simple and easy. They count on parents having a lack of critical thinking and count on blind faith.
  • Always remember-not one illness can’t have serious consequences if the conditions are right, and the majority don’t have vaccines for them.
  • Vaccines are a trade-off and there are consequences even if you can’t see it or it is not immediate.
  • If vaccines were safe, manufacturers would not need federal legislation to protect them from liability-vaccine injury or death. If they were effective, no one would question their use nor value. If they were healthy for us, there would be no state mandates for daycare or schools, nor be forced.
  • False evidence that appears real is the greatest strategy ever invented. So study your history.
  • Research what both sides have to say, pro and con, and weigh the difference.
  • Vaccine manufacturers and government officials will justify the cost of vaccine programs by showing the correlation between the money spent on vaccines and lives saved and/or health care costs saved. Vaccine injuries or death are rarely reported. The money spent to care for vaccine injuries or death, or the money spent in court to prove the injury or death, should be published publically as well to balance both sides of the financial cost. To date $1,804,415,262.35 has been paid out. (That doesn’t even begin to count in all the injuries or deaths that aren’t included in the VICP)

     Once you face your fear, then you are ready to make a decision. A parent who addresses the vaccine issue and how it relates to their lifestyle, health, diet, etc., will not have a philosophy based on fear any longer. Those who vaccinate will typically believe their child is protected for life and fear stagnates, as they no longer feel they have to think about the issue. Only if their child has a vaccine reaction, or if their child gets the disease anyway, will fear again be addressed.

What happens after your decision is made?

     If you believe a vaccine equates to 100% protection and no risk of disease, yet your child gets the disease, or a vaccine reaction occurs, how are you going to react? if you choose not to vaccinate and your child gets a disease, how are you going to react? Will the former blame the medical profession for vaccine damage or death because of the choice you made to accept them? If you don’t vaccinate and your child catches a disease and gets very ill from it, are you going to blame others? Well, here is a NEWSFLASH: Others are NOT your scapegoat. Your choice is exactly that-Yours to own. You did your own research, you know about exemptions, the immune system, diet, etc., and you made your choice. Like anything else in life; you live with the choices you make based on what you know at the time.

     The decision to not vaccinate will mean you go against the grain of the majority, so a thick skin and strong convictions in your beliefs are necessary. Vaccinating parents will simply get a smile, a pat on the head, and be the good sheep the pharma industry and government wants them to be.

     The decision is not easy and can be one of the hardest you will ever make for your child.


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