What is Paul Offit’s Problem?

What is Paul Offit’s Problem?


By Anne Dachel-Age of Autism


…Offit’s article, The Problem With Dr Bob’s Alternative Vaccine Schedule, (HERE) led to a response from Dr. Sears (HERE) that is running on his website.  I hope readers will take the time to read both pieces to understand first-hand what was said by each of the doctors.

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The Problem With Dr Bob’s Alternative Vaccine Schedule

(Paul A. Offit, MDa,b and Charlotte A. Moser, BSa)

A Response to Dr. Offit’s Misleading and Inaccurate Review of The Vaccine Book in Pediatrics, January 2009
(Dr Sears)




My personal view, they are both in the wrong.


Offit  chooses to dismiss the bad science,  cherry-picks his information as well to suit his own agenda and wallet, and believes in ‘survival of the fittest’ no matter what the cost to the children involved.


Sears portrayed the good and the bad in a poorly written ‘cut and paste’ type of way.  Having read his book, there was plenty of misinformation to be read.  Maybe I will point those areas out sometime:) Other than the delay or selective schedule that some parents may opt to do, there was nothing about his book I found informative. Why? Because anyone could have found the package inserts, CDC information, and other basic information  with a simple search on the internet, for FREE.



I do applaud Sears for standing up for himself. Why Offit felt the need to dis his book is beyond me.  You would think he would be pleased that some parents would at least consider some vaccines versus none at all. Could it be because his own has own book flopped so badly? Or was it his own way of making himself  ‘look better’,  or ‘puffing himself up’ by knocking somone else down,  given the negativity that surrounds himself that he caused himself? 


Maybe,  just maybe,  his words are a mirror to his soul and God help us all…

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