New Type of Vaccine Delivers Enhanced Immune Response

New Type of Vaccine Delivers Enhanced Immune Response

A new vaccine platform that could bring fundamental changes to vaccine technology is being developed by scientists at the University of Copenhagen. Known as the InVacc platform, it improves upon original DNA vaccines and creates new vaccines with enhanced properties.

The platform consists of a chain of amino acids attached to a gene of the virus being vaccinated against. This “genetic cocktail” is inserted into an appropriate expression vehicle, such as an incapacitated adenovirus, and injected into the body, triggering a broad and aggressive immune response. The chain of 215 amino acids and its insertion into the adenovirus represent the key innovations of this technique.

To date, tests of the vaccine look promising. Researchers were able to provide 100% protection against various lethal strains of flu given to mice. The next phase of development and, ultimately, clinical trials are being planned.

Associate professor Jan Pravsgaard explained, “The platform has proved very effective in our recent tests and could have enormous potential. In principle, vaccines of this type could be used to inoculate against a range of deadly viruses, bacteria, and other diseasecausing agents and even be used to cure certain cancers once they take hold.”

source: Dec. 2008 issue of Ajho