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peoplechattingSomething on your mind and you need to get it off your chest? Have an opinion and want to share? Looking for specific information and need help finding it?   If so,  this is the place!

2 Responses

  1. Exploring Vaccines is exactly that..exploring the vaccine issues.

    Making an informed decison is exactly that..making an informed decison based on the pros and cons of the diseases and the vaccines, safety, efficacy, etc. etc.

    It is not an ‘anti-vaccine’ blog nor is it the purpose nor the intention to be.

    The first and foremost purpose and intention is:

    * to get people to *think*

    *to educate the basics of the diseases, the basics of the vaccines, and what they are/were intended for

    *a resource for people to understand the law(s) in relationship to vaccines and mandates in the U.S.

    *History of where we’ve been, where it has lead, and where we are headed is important too!

    *holistic and natural lifestyle alternatives if that is of interest to the reader

    * if you want all ‘pro-vaccine’ information than that is easy to get…just go to the pharma companies websites and read. I recommend it. Then come here and read what they don’t tell you. The ‘other information’ . Without both, you won’t have full informed consent.

    *For people to make their decison based on what they have researched on their own from multiple sources.

    *For people to take ownership of their choice whether it be to fully vaccinate, not vaccinate, or selective/delay.

  2. Due to the volume of information Exploring Vaccines has posted , when you click on a category only the most recent, and selected few will show up.

    To search everything Exploring Vaccines has on a particular topic, also use the search function.

    If you type in DTaP in ‘search’, it will bring up a list of other topics Exploring Vaccines has in relation to DTaP.

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